Welcome to Spirit Arctic pack! At the moment the pack has 7 members: 4 mals and 3 humans. The humans: Razvan , Meli and Ana-Maria. The mals: Carlos, N.E., Eva and Indy. We are located in Moreni, Dambovita county, Romania.

       Everything begun in 1999 with an leading article about mals in a dog magazine. The photos of two mals captured my eyes. They were Ch. Storm Kloud's Qquest for Glory and Ch. Storm Kloud's Keep The Win. I promissed myself that someday I will have such a dog. I started documenting on the breed and after getting married and moving into a new house we decided to have a mal. At the end of December 2000, one day before New Year's Eve we went to take home our first mal - Carlos.

       Having in mind that the mals are pack-oriented, we have begun the search for another one. A female this time. "N.E." was born at the begining of May next year and at the end of June she was in her new home. Same year in the autumn Carlos finished his Romanian Junior Championship after only 3 shows within 4 weeks. Next summer N.E. finished her Romanian Junior Championship as well. Not only that we were hooked by our mals but we were hooked by showing them.

       We applied for a kennel name and on August 2002 we got the confirmation from F.C.I. that we may use Spirit Arctic as kennel name. The following year Eva was born. She, as her parents, finished the championships quite fast.

       At the begining of 2004, just one week after our daughter was born, the 4-th mal of the pack arived from Czech Republic. I consider myself lucky because I had the chance getting exactly the puppy I wanted from a breeding I was waiting for quite some time.

       I hope you will enjoy visiting our site!