JCh / CH / CL.CH Carlos Arctic de Huniazi

         "Outstanding male, balanced built, having a beautiful and expresive head. Very good bones, angulations, upper and lower lines corresponding to the requirements the breed was created for. Exceptional coat. Good temperament for a pack dog. Excelent ring presentation". Like this looks most of the descriptions ring judges made to Carlos. But above all these appreciations and above all the titles he has won, Carlos will be for us our FIRST MALAMUTE - the one who showed us the greatness of the Alaskan Malamutes.

C a r l o s ' s    P e d i g r e e

Icy Qdarkness Alien

Eur.H.JCh Baggy

Hr.Ch Big Bag

Alena Zlatna Dolina

H.JCh Icy Elina

BkH.Ch Icy Adla Jimili Junior

Regdonhazi Amara


Jegmezok-Csillaga Akela

Szanhuzo Alex

Bianca Krazka zo Zapadu

Marshszallasi Elza

Alpinok z Ledu Zrozeni CS

Regdonhazi Akita