JCH/CH Spirit Arctic Above All

         Eva is Carlos' and N.E's daughter being the "spokeswoman" of the first Spirit Arctic generation. She is N.E's play-partner but also the CHALENGER to pack's leadership. She is powerfully built, has a very nice head, a good coat and an excellent temperament.

E v a 's    P e d i g r e e

JCh. Carlos Arctic de Huniazi

Icy Qdarkness Alien

Eur.H.JCh Baggy

H.JCh Icy Elina


Jegmezok-Csillaga Akela

Marshszallasi Elza

JCh. Nanook Spirit Nice&Easy

R.Ch Vanilla Boy
of Nanook Spirit

Eur.H.JCh Baggy

Emodi Ugeto Boglarka

H.Ch R.Ch Win My Joy
of Nanook Spirit

Rcl.R.Ch Icy Fedor

H.JCh Icy Elina