JCh Nanook Spirit Nice&Easy

         "N.E." was the second mal we got. Together with Carlos she formed a mini-pack whose leadership she took. Even now when the pack has 4 members she remains THE LEADER. She is a typical female finishing her Romanian Junior Championship within 5 weeks only. As she is not very fond of the shows ve let her do what she likes most: staying home. She is a extremely loving and devoted mother giving us the first two "Spirit Arctic" litters. Out of her first litter we kept Eva.

N. E.' s    P e d i g r e e

R.Ch Vanilla Boy
of Nanook Spirit

Eur.H.JCh Baggy

Hr.Ch Big Bag

Alena Zlatna Dolina

Emodi Ugeto Boglarka

Chris Alaszka Exmoor

Szolad Ore Bonny

H.Ch R.Ch Win My Joy
of Nanook Spirit

Rcl.R.Ch Icy Fedor

Andy Lenver-La

Kossuthflavi Sorli

H.JCh Icy Elina

BkH.Ch Icy Adla Jimili Junior

Regdonhazi Amara